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Medical Illumination was founded in 1978. All of our products are made in California. Since the beginning, our sole focus has been to provide the medical field with the best-engineered, highest quality and most cost-effective surgery and procedure lights. For that reason, our expertise is recognized and respected by physicians, surgeons, and others within the medical field.

We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to find out exactly what they need in surgical lighting. As a result, our products continue to be installed in more and more clinics, surgery centers, and ORs the world over.

Medical Illumination invested in the patented VidaShield air purification system because we believe that both patients and healthcare staff are affected by the quality of the air they breathe.

At Medical Illumination, we provide more than illumination, we provide Illuminated Thinking.

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NUVO, a division of Medical Illumination, was formed in 1997 specifically to focus on the development and production of ceiling-mounted equipment for the Operating Room. NUVO designed, certified and brought the surgical lighting products to market in less than two years. Since that time, the company has been involved in continuous product improvement, and broadened its focus to include the development of additional ceiling-mounted offerings for the surgical suite.

At NUVO, our established management team has decades of expertise in designing, engineering and manufacturing state-of-the-art surgical lights, flat-screen video monitors and additional operating room equipment. We now have over 2,000 surgical lights, and our tested, refined and patented ceiling-mounted equipment is installed in over 1,000 operating rooms throughout the United States

Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, NUVO headquarters encompasses engineering, manufacturing, training and showroom space near Interstate 90. From its hilltop site, NUVO has a panoramic view of the city and across Lake Erie to Canada. For more information on all NUVO products, log onto

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