The Department of Economic Development (DED), the government body entrusted to set and drive the economic development of the Emirate of Dubai, UAE, is housed in a large commercial building in Dubai. The DED and its agencies develop economic plans and policies, identify and support the growth of strategic sectors, and provide services to domestic and international investors and businesses. Hundreds of employees work in the multi-story building. The DED executives were interested in testing the VidaShield technology to determine its effectiveness in reducing airborne microbes.


Pre-Installation testing was conducted on September 1, 2015. Air and surface samples were taken in the examination room located in the first aid triage/treatment room directly connected to the main corridor of the building’s clinic reception and treatment room. The room was approximately 75 sq. ft.

One VidaShield unit was installed, but the UV lamp in the unit was not switched on until four hours prior to the post-install testing that started on September 8 and ran through September 9, 2015. Air and surface samples were taken in four hour intervals starting at 11:40am. The final samples were taken at 7:35am on the morning of September 9th. An independent lab analyzed the samples.


Airborne bacteria was reduced by 31%, and airborne fungi levels were reduced 50%.


Airborne bacteria and fungi were reduced by 31% and 50%, respectively, with the VidaShield system turned on for only a short, four hour duration prior to post testing. In ideal test conditions, the VidaShield units are powered on for at least two weeks between pre- and post-sampling.