VidaShield’s scientific team conducted environmental testing on air and surfaces in a psychiatric emergency unit at Desert Springs Hospital in Nevada. This controlled-access unit is housed in an emergency department that treats homeless, drug-addicted and mentally ill patients.


Thirteen VidaShield units were installed to cover the size of the room (approximately one per 100 sq. ft.). One VidaShield unit was placed over the patient beds, and additional units lined the hallways, common areas and nurses’ stations. An independent lab analyzed the samples.

Pre- and post-installation air and surface samples were taken to measure total bacteria counts using an SAS 180 air sampler with blood agar and Rodac plates. Conditions in the psychiatric unit, pre- and post-sampling, were similar with a few exceptions related to patient activity. An independent lab analyzed the samples.


Results of the VidaShield testing showed that airborne bacteria levels were reduced by 80%, and surface levels were reduced by 66%.


The VidaShield system reduced airborne bacteria levels by 80% and reduced surface levels by 66%. In addition, hospital nurses and staff reported improvement in air quality and a reduction in odors in the testing area as well as a noticeable improvement in their allergy symptoms.