A long-term care facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee tested the VidaShield technology in one of three units to determine if the air purification system could have an impact on reducing the LTC-reported infection rates.


The long-term care facility was comprised of three separate units that radiated out like spokes on a wheel. 37 units were installed in one unit of the LTC facility. 18 VS03 units were installed in 9 double occupancy patient rooms, 5 VS01 units were installed in shared patient restrooms, 6 VS01 and 6VS03 units were spread throughout the hallway and 2 VS01 units were installed in the respiratory office. An independent lab analyzed the samples.


In rooms without the system, infections per 1,000 patient days averaged 17.5. In rooms with the VidaShield system, infections per 1,000 patient days averaged just 12.5, a statistically significant outcome. Additionally, those rooms exhibited a 51% reduction in airborne bacteria.


The VidaShield system reduced airborne bacteria levels by 51%. In addition, the facility reported a reduction in their overall infection rate by 28%.